Can you agree with any of these statements regarding yourself or your child?

  • Began music lessons eager to learn with a deep, heartfelt love of music
  • Lost passion for music (through dreary practice expectations, boring music, unenthusiastic instructors, etc.)
  • Difficulty finding a teacher who will click with personal learning style
  • Unable to reach full potential due to limited experience or expertise of teachers (current or past)

If any of these statements describe the current situation you or your child is facing, look no further.

Come Play With Me is a music studio specializing in private instrumental lessons and mentoring located in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

We provide a unique teaching and mentoring style that has successfully rekindled a love of music in countless burnt-out students while enabling each student to reach his or her full potential.

Explore our site and then contact us to learn of the current opportunities to join our studio.